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Customized Real Estate Cleaning Packages available to buyers and sellers...

Did you know that the best time to contact a professional cleaning service is right after you hire your real estate agent?  Better yet, ask your agent if they can refer a professional cleaning service.
Here are 8 basic steps to consider when preparing your home for sale:
1.       De-clutter, clean and organize every room in the house.
2.       Address any and all repairs...big or small...they all need your immediate attention.
3.       Clean, de-clutter and organize your kitchen counter tops & cupboards.
4.       Keep the bathroom(s) as bare and minimalist as possible; you must avoid the urge to leave your personal items in full view when showing your home.
5.        Whether selling your home professionally or by yourself, make sure to have some fliers made up with the details of your house; include photos as well, but be sure there are no laundry baskets of dirty clothes, empty beverage bottles or dirty dishes in any of the pictures etc...)
6.       Know that when your house has a showing it should be appealing to all five senses: it must look clean, smell fresh, feel uncluttered and airy, be quiet and inviting and be tastefully decorated...for more taste you could also offer up a cookie and some coffee, but why invite potential spills and crumbs?
 7.     Make sure you put away or hide any major appliances you don't want to sell or have included in the deal...If you do include items for sale with the home be sure they are clean, fresh smelling and ready for inspection.
8.       Make the call ... 902.891.0103

Contact Nossa Cleaning Services so we can help you  “clean up” in the real estate market!"
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