Nossa Cleaning Services™  - "Ensuring You Shine Every Time Someone Comes Through Your Door"
Nossa Cleaning Services is proud to serve members of the Canadian Forces and the Department of National Defense (DND).  Our company has established deep roots in the military community and understands firsthand that life in the military is like no other...
NOSSA provides a Marchout Cleaning Service designed to make postings a little easier for military members, DND Employees, their families and their busy households.
Our staff will work closely with the members and their families to ensure timings are met and that Marchout Inspections are completed without issue. 
NOSSA is available to help you and your family with the cleaning of your married quarters, rental accommodations and private homes being prepared for sale and the real estate market.
There is enough to do; the personal administration alone will keep you busy for days...
Give Nossa Cleaning Services a call today to discuss your household cleaning needs.  We proudly support our troops and are ready to help make your posting a little easier.
We believe that Honour and Pride are more that just words and would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and provide you and your family with a customer service experience second to none.
Contact us today to schedule your Marchout and Cleaning Service estimate:
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