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Nossa Cleaning Services™

"Ensuring You Shine Every Time Someone Comes Through Your Door"

Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Flooring Protection Services

NOSSA Cleaning Services offers a line of competitively priced Flooring Protection & Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Service Packages that will ensure your flooring surfaces maintain their appearance while continuing to provide superior performance.

Our customized service programs offer total protection and peace of mind that goes well beyond routine janitorial floor cleaning routines. Our tailored services are scheduled to provide each of our clients with the proactive services they need to counteract seasonal wear & tear and peak traffic periods unique to your business' environment. 

At Nossa Cleaning Services we strive to deliver services that will ensure the visual appearance of your floors consistently reflect the integrity of your brand and your company's reputation each and every time your clients and your employees walk through your doors. 

Our total protection plans are customized to meet the needs of diverse and dynamic work environments. Flooring is an often overlooked component when considering cleaning and maintenance service plans; however, these same floor coverings and surfaces account for a considerable portion of your property investment; more so when you factor in premature replacement costs. 

Our proactive flooring protection services will ensure your investment stands the test of time while keeping your facility costs down. 

Did you know that cleanliness; from floor to ceiling and everything in between will impact your clients’ perception of the work you do? Don’t let something you can control undermine the integrity of your brand and reputation. 

     When it comes to cleanliness there is but one first impression:

Make it count!

At NOSSA we take pride in being underfoot...

Call Nossa Cleaning Services today for your service consultation...902.891.0103

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