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Nossa Cleaning Services™

"Ensuring You Shine Every Time Someone Comes Through Your Door"

Nossa Cleaning Services provides a full line of cleaning services that cater to to the needs of busy households.

Our Natural Stone service is ideal for new installations of granite and marble finishes. The beauty of the natural stone will endure the test of time; but like everything else it won't take long for things to look their age if left unattended for too long. 

Our Natural Stone "Clean and Sealer Application Service" can be applied anytime during the lifespan of your stone finishes.

Whether your marble or granite finishes are newly installed or have been sharing your busy lifestyle for forever and a day our Natural Stone Upkeep Service will ensure your stone is clean, properly sealed and protected from everyday spills.

Instead of being absorbed into the natural stone finish, liquids that are spilled, splashed or sprayed will not be immediately absorbed into the stone. With regular cleaning and professional sealer applications most liquids will bead up on the surface allowing you to wipe away what could otherwise become a stain embedded in the stone.

When cleaning up spills or the day-to-day messes that occur in every busy household it is equally important to use cleaning products specifically formulated for the porous nature of natural stone. 

You might think that stone is rock hard and immune from the damaging effects of moisture. Stone is hard and can last a lifetime, but it is like a sponge and quickly absorbs moisture that once it dries will become an unsightly blemish and stain.

Most general purpose cleaning products are acidic and alkaline solutions that may contain abrasives, ammonia or bleach that can break down the effectiveness of the stone sealer application over time to eventually damage and dull the appearance of your stone's surfaces.

NCS uses specially formulated cleaners and sealer solutions designed for stone installations; but more importantly, the products we use have been formulated to provide you with peace of mind.

Call NCS today to schedule a free on-site Stone Cleaning and Sealer Application service estimate.



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