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Nossa Cleaning Services™

"Ensuring You Shine Every Time Someone Comes Through Your Door"

Post Construction & Renovation Clean-Up Services

Nossa Cleaning Services will help bring out the shine in your construction and renovation projects. After all of the heavy lifting has been done NCS will clean-up and prepare your space to receive guests and clients alike. ll work to make you shine every time someone comes through your door...

Noosa Cleaning Services takes great pride in serving commercial and residential construction contractors, homeowners and commercial business owners so they can showcase the appearance and design intricacies of their completed job sites and construction/renovation projects. We understand that an immaculate building interior not only enhances your reputation but also leaves your guests with the feeling that you care about where they come to interact and/or conduct business with you.

NCS post-construction clean up services include:

  • Complete floor, wall and ceiling dusting & washing
  • Cleaning of all vertical and horizontal surfaces including doors and frames
  • Light fixture cleaning
  • Carpet vacuuming, spot cleaning and steam cleaning
  • Vinyl (VCT) floor stripping, sealing and waxing
  • Ceramic scrubbing and cleaning
  • Complete glass cleaning including frames, sills and mirrors
  • Complete washroom and kitchen cleaning, disinfecting & polishing
  • Power washing and concrete floor scrubbing & sealing

Contact Nossa Cleaning Services today to schedule your no-cost on-site service estimate.


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