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Nossa Cleaning Services™

"Ensuring You Shine Every Time Someone Comes Through Your Door"

During the times of uncertainty following a crisis you can put your trust in Nossa Cleaning Services (NCS) to deal with the aftermath and clean up of your home, workplace and property,

NCS understands the turmoil that family, friends and property owners must deal with in the wake of a tragic, life changing and catastrophic event.

NCS Clean Up Technicians are prepared and trained in the current methodologies of proper crime and trauma scene clean up. Our Clean Up Technicians are bonded and insured to help eliminate any cause for additional worry.

Our Forensic Clean Up Technicians are ready to render assistance in the aftermath of the following incidents:

- Accidents

- Injuries

- Hazardous Materials Emergencies,

- Unattended Death

- Hoarding

- Disease & Post Mordem Decomposition

Our entire staff; from the administrators taking your call, to the Clean Up Technicians helping you one-on-one, is professional and supportive offering compassion to every client, their families and their coworkers during the difficult times following unforeseen circumstances.

At NCS our primary goal is to offer the professional assistance that will ensure the safe remediation of a contaminated site.

Nossa Cleaning Services treats every client with dignity as we provide discreet biohazard management and removal services. Every NCS Technician provides a written accounting of the tasks performed and completed at every Crime and Trauma Clean Up site. Our attention to detail is focused on the remediation of hazardous materials and biological matter. Our Forensic Clean Up Service Teams work to the highest standard of customer service and professionalism to eliminate future risk and any potential for exposure to biohazard waste and contaminants.

NCS thoroughly documents every scene, from the initial site assessment to remediation and sign-off by completing a dedicated, scene specific checklist and Compliance Remediation Report.

At NCS we believe in the integrity of our processes to deliver consistent and meticulous crime & trauma scene clean up services. We strive to remediate properties thoroughly and completely to limit the amount of time victims, families, friends and property owners are exposed to the aftermath of unforeseen and stressful circumstances.

We understand that our clients will have questions; we can be reached 24/7-365 and will be there to help by answering any questions you may have.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office; support is just a phone call or a click away.



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