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Nossa Cleaning Services™

"Ensuring You Shine Every Time Someone Comes Through Your Door"

Nossa Cleaning Services has prepared a line of specialized cleaning and post production clean up services that will cater to the needs of the local film industry.

It's no secret that the Canadian Film Industry is booming...and Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) is certainly no exception.

NCS understands that time is money...our staff has firsthand experience working on "set" and appreciates the tight schedules that come with every production. We know that there is no time to waste time...

We have Cleaning Solutions and Services to accommodate short and long-term shoot schedules . We can have a set cleaned and prepped and ready to go before the cameras start rolling. 

NCS prides itself on a keen attention to detail and will work closely with production staff, set decorators and location managers to ensure continuity is maintained on set and that cleanliness and upkeep are consistently maintained on the lot.

The local industry is vibrant and busy...time is money; so why have highly talented, creative staff and skilled trades people worrying about the cleaning and upkeep chores?

Contact NCS today to discuss your production's cleaning needs. Let our trained staff manage the location's upkeep so everyone else can do what they do best:

Create Moments of Magic that last a lifetime!

Our entire team is committed to meeting our client's needs; contact Nossa today, we're here to help.

Vacuums; Dusters, Action!

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