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Nossa Cleaning Services™

"Ensuring You Shine Every Time Someone Comes Through Your Door"

Residential Cleaning Services

  • Scheduled Residential Cleaning Services
  • Weekly, Bi-weekly & Monthly Options
  • 12-month “Whole Home - Cleaning & Upkeep Package”
(including optional weekly laundry pick-up & drop-off service)
  • NCS Homeowner & Tenant Services
  • Post Construction & Renovation Clean Up
  • Marble/Granite Cleaning & Sealer Application Service
  • Real-estate Pre & Post Sale Clean-Up
  • Moving-In/Out Homeowner & Tenant Cleaning Packages
  • Seasonal Cleaning Packages

NCS will prepare a customized cleaning plan for your home that will meet the cleaning and upkeep needs of your busy household. Our trained staff will deliver a consistent level of service and exercise a keen attention to detail each and every time. Our dedicated staff will follow your "Customized Cleaning Plan" to the letter to ensure your residence is maintained to your specifications.

Additionally, our Uniformed Staff will arrive at your door with everything they need to clean your home. Our staff are extremely security conscious and enter and exit your home just once during the service call.

The cleaning team at NCS will enter your premises with a self-contained cleaning kit so there is never a need to run in and out of your home leaving your doors open and unattended.

We strive to provide our clients with consistent, secure and pet conscious service calls.

At Nossa Cleaning Services we believe in...

"Making Clean Households Your Place To Come Home To"

DND Military and Civilian Employees

NCS offers a 10% Discount to all serving and retired Military and DND Civilian employees (I.D. Required)

  • We specialize in PMQ Marchout Cleaning & Inspection Services
  • Posting & Relocation Cleaning (Civilian Rental & DND Accommodations)
  • Homeowner Pre-Posting Cleaning Services
  • Real Estate - Pre & Post Sale Cleaning Services
  • Optional Staging Services

We look forward to helping you manage the upkeep of your home...

... so you can spend some quality time with

the people who count!

Time's a wastin'...

Contact Nossa Cleaning Services today to schedule your free in-home

cleaning service estimate...

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